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2016 Drexel Commencement Keynote Address

In 2016 I was asked to deliver the Drexel Graduation Keynote for the College of Computers and Informatics. An honor, challenge and responsibility for sure.

It was a big year for RevZilla with a ton of press. Pretty neat to have some new doors flung open.

My mom wouldn’t stop crying from the front row and I’m not sure if the faculty appreciated some of my easter eggs – but the undergrads seemed to respond well to the “Top 5 Ways to Maximize Their Nerdvantage”. I even had a parent or two high five me on our procession out.

I begin at about 15:30.

Very surreal these times we live in….  Did Drexel know that I accidentally hit a 7 iron toward a pickup soccer game from my front porch, once? Maybe not.


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