Forgotten ZLA Gems on ADVRider Live

Back when we started RevZilla, there was one super-enthusiast motorcycle forum to rule them all.

It was (and still is) called ADVRider and the founder was a serial start-up guy named Chris McCaskill, aka Baldy.

I actually think our only interaction ever was me asking him to unban me for violating posting rules in the forum’s vendor area in 2010. I’m sure he doesn’t remember it.

Recently, Chris and his team pinged me to do a live Skype interview to talk about the how and the why of RevZilla, along with marketing, scaling and leadership lessons from the ride.

They are doing a series called “Baldy Interviews” and I actually found that he was the best-prepared interviewer I’d ever encountered. I’m used to answering the same questions about RevZilla but I’m not used to people knowing about the more obscure stories from inside our walls. He had great intel. There has to be a mole.

Here is the interview. Note the “steeple hands” in the video screen cap. #nailedit

I should have put on a nicer shirt and had better lighting (#nexttime), but what a fun opportunity he gave me to relive some of the most challenging and fulfilling times of my life. I hadn’t recounted a few of those stories in about a decade.

They also managed to dig up this gem. Over roughly 9 years and 6,000 product videos, me, motorcycle gear nuts and an extra-medium blurple shirt had one hell of a bromance. Watch this and let it melt your brain.

Thanks, Chris and the ADVRider community for the opportunity to share the tales. You collectively gave me and RevZilla so much support over the years, even back when we were noobs.

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