For You Leaders Podcast Part 1 – RevZilla MVP through Scale

Recently, a former executive coach of mine, Kirk Dando, asked me to participate on his podcast series focused on scaling leadership and scaling companies. It’s called For You Leaders.

I love sharing the things I’ve learned from my years piloting the orange rocket ship in an effort to help others. I also want to continue to crystallize the insights with high fidelity for future reference. So I happily took KD up on it.

We ended up talking for 2+ hours covering my and RevZilla’s collective journey from startup to grown up to company exit to my departure and beyond. Ahhh, memory lane.

The conversation is being broken into three parts. Part 1 (embedded below) focuses on inception, the business arc and touches on the cost and benefits of not raising money as the company scaled, among other things.

From the For You Leaders Episode Page:

“You’ll hear the process Anthony Bucci and his co-founders used to start and generate the idea for the company that became RevZilla. Anthony also goes into great detail about how they differentiated themselves and quickly scaled from $0 to over $140 million in annual revenues. Anthony shares why and how they achieved hyper-growth without raising money.”

You can find the podcast subscribe links (iTunes, Google, Spotify and Overcast) and see the breakdown for the upcoming Parts 2 and 3 on the episode page, as well. I’ll post them when they are live.

You can also see all the other talks Kirk has done with other leaders, including some mutual friends (and total killers) Brett Hurt and Sam Decker.

I’ve always been thankful I met them and they were willing to share (let me steal) some of their playbooks. They are some of the best. Full Episode Guide here.

Lastly, talking to Kirk made me reflect on my approach to working with executive coaches from 2013 through 2017. I’m going to write a longer post (I wrote it here) sharing my coaching journey, my thoughts on how to find a coach and what to expect from a great coaching relationship.

Spoiler alert: It’s great parenting for hire that lets your real parents still sleep at night.

Stay tuned.

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