Winners, Losers and Galloway – Video

Yesterday, L2 released what looks to be the last of the Winners and Losers in the Digital Age weekly series on YouTube. The series started in late 2014 and was one of the more fun and interesting weekly tech biz follows. It was sharp, candid and took chances by way of its host, Scott Galloway. I probably shared it as much as I enjoyed it.

Here is the last video:

On a personal note, a friend worked for Scott at a few of his startups in the 2000s and randomly invited me to catch a drink with them both in L.A. in September of ’17. (Thanks, Johnny) I’d been watching since the beginning, so it was pretty cool to get to connect.

We all chatted over a few vodkas and I found Scott to be just as I expected from watching, albeit taller in person (people always say I’m shorter lol). There’s usually no faking it, when half the value of the YouTube series was his personal brand and delivery. I was not surprised, as it followed the pattern of other YouTubers that I had met previously in my other travels. No one is playing a Hollywood character, they are just themselves, but usually amplified. (yelling?)

Also, I believe that recently before our meeting, L2 had a great exit to Gartner. It hit my radar that Scott bonused his team in a meaningful way and made sizable donations to educational institutions that he believed in. Right on.

Lastly, I appreciated the part in the final video when he answered the question about what it feels like when people recognize you and tell you they appreciate your work. He said it feels great and then he ended by genuinely thanking the audience.

I can relate. It always feels great. The medium always depends on the support of a group of people who do care, offer feedback and appreciate what you have created for them. Thanking them is wise.

We’ll see if I can get Scott as Leia out of memory, though. That image could haunt me.

Find Scott weekly with Kara Swisher doing the Pivot podcast – which is worthy of the follow but unfortunately lacks the costumes…

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