RevZilla.com Win’s 2011 Emerging Business of the Year for the Philadelphia Region

Very proud to be included in the list of Philly’s favorite sons for 2011. The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce is a well respected entity and this year marks their 28th Annual Business Awards for the Region. We are obviously ecstatic to be chosen at the winner of the Emerging Business of the Year.

You can find the full article on GPCC.com at this link to the full RevZilla Article.

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“RevZilla is a proof that innovation and teamwork can still allow you to make your own luck, even in tough economic times.” – Anthony Bucci, RevZilla.com

In 2006, no online retailer addressing the 38 billion dollar per year power sports vertical had truly adopted a next generation, consumer-centric online strategy. The “big bet” was that a “Zappos style” approach to customer service coupled with leading edge eCommerce technology could enable three friends to bootstrap and launch a multi-million dollar online business from the living room of their apartment – without external investment.

From rough idea to a launched eCommerce site in about four months, RevZilla.com began selling motorcycle gear and parts online in November 2007. In spite of the failing economic climate, at the ninety day mark RevZilla.com was cash flow positive and Matt, Nick and Anthony had a feeling their “big bet” could be a winner.

From time to time RevZilla’s founding team can be heard referring to the business’s near instant success as the “perfect storm” of ingredients. Their complimentary skills in internet technology, marketing and design for consumer-facing eCommerce coupled with a shared passion as motorcycle hobbyists lent itself well to developing new ways to serve other motorcyclists online…..

For more check out the Revzilla article on the GPCC web site.


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