7 days of #SavePhillyEats

I just posted the following passage to the News and Updates section on We turned a week old today.

The concept is working ($100k+ sales in the first few days) and we want to expand rapidly into other cities. Restaurants typically have 3 weeks of cash on hand. They need our help now.

I need team captains (operators) to pair with our national chef network to spin things up in new places.

They don’t need to be a CEOs (although former founders would be great), they just need to care about their foods, cultures and cities enough to spend time pushing this. They need to be digitally savvy and be able to manage a small team, marshall resources and execute.

If anyone immediately comes to mind, please send them my way.

Hello culinary world!

This site is a week old and off to a running start. What a blur, like being shot out of a cannon.

We have had over 20,000 sessions, have begun to amass a following of thousands of supporters and most importantly we estimate we have generated between $100,000 and $150,000 in revenue for the establishments we’re trying to support.

We even had one Chef tell us, “You generated $36,000 for my currently closed restaurant, in the first 5 days”. Whoa…

To all the Philadelphians who have supported the effort and spread the word, thank you.

To the 46 different bars and restaurants who have tapped in, we got your back and we look forward to helping your compatriots.

To the 8 SPE teammates, I have the pleasure of working with daily, exhale. The work matters and it’s having an impact… but I can’t promise you won’t keep getting calls and emails from me from 8am to midnight.

So what’s next?

  • Scale our impact
  • Scale our geographic footprint
  • Scale our ability to delight our visitors into helping our expanded list of restaurant partners
  • Scale our ability to digest all of your feedback and rapidly improve

What do we need?

  • The next 50 great partners on the site
  • Tell your friends and buy what you can
  • Strong Team Captains for other cities

We’ve only just begun…

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