Month: October 2019

  • Bootstrapping RevZilla

    Just over a month ago, I got to hang with my old pal the Wizard of Barsh on DreamIt Ventures’ live webcast (embedded below).

    For clarity, DreamIt is a national tech accelerator with Philly roots and the Wizard is the Managing Director.

    As for Mr. Steve Barsh (I’m the only one who calls him Wizard), we go all the way back to the RevZilla bombed-out warehouse days. He’s always been generous with his time and connectivity. It’s also worth noting that for a hot second in 2009 he almost joined the ride with us.

    At this stage, I have told the RevZilla story many times, but it was exciting to be asked to share how we thought about the potential of raising VC and how we arrived at our ultimate decision to completely abstain from doing so.

    The bottom line is that we always felt we were growing fast enough, even thinly capitalized as we were, to capture the target market on our terms. Therefore, the benefit of moving incrementally faster never eclipsed the cost and constraints of taking on investors. And the more we learned along the way, the more we knew it was the right choice to continue to bootstrap RevZilla.

    There is much more to the conversation and we talk through the full decision-making framework set atop the market risk and execution risk factors.

    Most importantly, we also had a really good time in the weeds creating useful content together with O.G. Zillan Dustin behind the camera.

    Here is the talk:

    You can find the library of Dreamit Live casts covering many startup and biz-related topics on their YouTube Channel. Get notified of their live streams by following DreamIt Ventures on LinkedIn.

    Ahhh, to be back on the YouTubes, again. Like a glove… lol

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