2009 New Years Resolutions

I am usually not a fan of preconceived new years resolutions / goals, but I was thinking that making a list would be more fun to look back at in 5 years than it would be useful now – so why the hell not? So in no particular order:

1. Have 1 phone that lasts the full year without getting destroyed or thrown.
2. Care more about parking tickets. ie try to avoid getting them.
3. Be more detail / roi oriented in the office.
4. Make it to 2010 without losing a fight with another credit card terminal.
5. Be more patient with everyone.
6. Get a piece of my once strong tolerance back.
7. Build a halfpipe in my warehouse and ride it.
8. Strive to continue to grow RevZilla smartly and organically
9. Be more humble
10. Start buying and wearing funny t-shirts again.
11. Start my own lifestyle clothing brand.
12. Practice what I preach 100% of the time
13. Play more guitar and start learning piano
14. Surround myself with more people who I aspire to be like
15. Go from journeyman to ninja of Analytics, SEO and SEM
16. Hang out with Tommy Lee, Axl Rose and Mr. T & See a good concert.
17. Retire the Trash Truck.
18. Blog more about biz.
19. Start shooting skeet / trap again with my Dad.
20. Read a great book a month if not more often.
21. Learn 3 more staple dishes that don’t involve a grill or beef.
22. Snowboard with my wife at least once.
22. Reduce my red meat intake.
24. Spend more time with Family.
25. Stop and relax more often.
26. Be less competitive outside of the office.
27. A/B test when available rather than making a gut decision.
28. Meet more east coast tech rockstar vc’s who shall remain nameless for the time being. Its a short list.
29. Become a better listener.
30. Take more pictures.
31. Go on more fun “dates” with my wife.
32. Wear more gold chains and velour track suits around South Philly. (submitted by jody ferry)

Also if you think I need to add any to my list, as jody did, please leave them in the comments.


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