Friday, December 26, 2008

First plane flight....

Isabella enjoying her first plane ride from Philly to Sarasota...

Couldn't resist.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays from Me and Mine to You and Yours!

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season spent with loved ones and the people who matter most.

Obviously Isa is enjoying her first Christmas


Isabella, Tara and Anthony

Friday, December 19, 2008

7 Month Checkup

I am just too damn proud a Dad to not post this picture.

17 Lbs, 26.5 Inches and all smiles.

The Journey Continues.....


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chinese Democracy: Solid Album, Stupid Title.

Picked up Chinese Democracy today. I heard 9 of the 14 tracks a few months back when they leaked online. The final versions of the songs sounded great - much better than the leaks.

Its a solid solo album for Axl. My only complaint is that some of the lyrics are a bit cliche - even for rock lyrics. A few of the songs are a little bit over-produced as well. The songs featuring Axl's piano work have always been and are still my favorite. This holds true on the new album.

When you dress like the guy for more than one halloween, you don't really have the option not to buy his first new album in 14 years, regardless of how mired in controversy it is.

Axl and Asian Slash in Avalon circa 2005.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's Go!

People keep asking me - "What happened to the Blog?"

She happened to the blog. happened to the blog. Life has managed to get in the way of the blog, sleep, working out, fist-pumping, bowling etc. This is not a bad thing though...

Hoping that this post is the spark that brings me back. A lot of things coming up to write about, but priortities have really kept me taking the left turn at twitter when I feel a blog post coming on. It's just so much easier. I know, I know its a cop-out - but a 140 character limit ensures I get back to work much quicker.

The juices are flowing, I just need to get the posts locked down. It will happen.

For the record Whitesnake was playing in the background at my new distribution center for this pic. I just dont randomly throw the horns that often anymore. Isa did love it though.

More to come....

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lose the Chip on your shoulder, John.

When it comes to matters of future presidential policies, I am a strong proponent of some as well as firmly against others, stemming from both camps.

Also, I don't like Roger Ebert. He's annoying and smug.

As ridiculous as it is, Ebert's commentary is spot on. McCain definitely came off as an a-hole for all 90 mins Friday night. Either he's a jerk, or has terrible people skills / manners. Either way it didn't get him closer to my vote.

Read the commentary.

It's sad that this was the first thing significant enough to get me writing again since the birth of my daughter. It just struck a big chord.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Proudest Moment of My Life.

UPDATE: Isa' now has her own blog.

I think have had my hand in a lot of cookie jar's in my 27 years. I have closed a lot of deals, climbed a lot of proverbial mountains and taken the podium enough times to be pretty happy with my stat's at this point. I hate to sound smug, but if you asked me I would say that a lot of hard work has paid off well over the years.

Well none of it even comes close to the moment you watch your child enter the world and share it with the woman you love. I think all things leading up to that point were just minor blips on the radar. This is where the real adventure begins.

Perspective is a funny thing sometimes.

At 8:05pm yesterday Tara and I gave birth to our first daughter Isabella Marie. Shes so beautiful & perfect and its hard to even describe the experience with words. The best I can do at this point is just to say I am completely blown away.

Staying true to form, we had a wild time over the 12 hours of labor. Yes a wild time definitely includes billy bob teeth, pirate hats and one liners that seemed to never end.

See All 70 pics in Chronological order with commentary.

Mom, Baby and I are resting comfortably at UPENN until Monday night. We look forward to seeing everyone soon.


Saturday, May 31, 2008

its on like donkey kong..... Baby time

been here since 8am- its now 6:22, were delirious, but the drugs have kicked in and were having fun as usual. More to come


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh Hell No! - Inspired Customer Feedback

Yeah I was smiling on the inside after this one.....


Date: Thu, May 15, 2008 at 5:45 PM
Subject: RevZilla Customer Service Inquiry - Other

A customer service inquiry has been submitted:

chris fxxxxx


Oh hell no! I ordered yesterday after 2pm pacific time and received my product @11am this morning. now thats what i call better than next day delivery. I was expecting the package to be something i ordered months ago from another company. I could hardly have got it faster if i had shopped for it locally (i did by the way and they dont carry the product yet, its too new I guess). any way thanks a lot. I read a review from one of your customers saying they were delighted to have received their product next day but i would have never believed i would have received mine next day.


Booyah. Son.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yelp is a completely ego driven time sink. I love it.

My Yelp career began about a month ago. It ended today.

For those of you who were around for Watergate.. Yelp is like Mypace + Wikipedia + the Yellow Pages geared toward an artsy, cultured, hipster crowd. There are way to many used record stores reviewed on there for their primary user to be anything different.

In all honesty though, from what I saw, a myriad of different type folks are on Yelp proliferating themselves, and showcasing their writing chops or lack thereof.

I originally got on to leave a good review for my friend bill who owns a coffee shop down the street from RevZilla. I left my review, mentioned the coffee, service and fare coupled with a dynamite Mr. T drop in that I thought was funny.

Yelp was cool... then I realized that people were tagging my breif blurb as "funny", "cool" etc.... than I got a compliment tag... Yelp became like the crazy blog I had in college, only now I had an audience built in and could tell my stories which aren't fit for this blog based upon the nationwide venues that they occurred at. At that point yelp went from cool to awesome - granted your someone who likes to tell a good story or two for no other reason than to get a good laugh.

So for about a month when I was bored I scribed a story or two and ended up writing about 9 restaurant / bar reviews which spawned a handful of random feedback.

Well today I woke up to handful of messages and much to my surprise my review of the House of Chen, one of our favorite "late nite" philly food spots, was the "review of the day" and my goofy mug was plastered on the front page for Philadelphia. Sweet.

So now, after realizing that witty writing can actually get noticed on a grander scale, you would think I would be more inclined to build out my stable of "stories" further... but nah the excitement has peaked and the novelty has waned... back to driving incremental sales and tracking cohort analyses for RevZilla full time....

Kudos to yelp though. Great site, solid design, smart functionality & usability scheme. Well done, sir. Well done.

Click to see my HOC review.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hilarious November Rain Breakdown

This has nothing to do with anything relating to marketing or (which is still killing it btw)

Someone took the time to breakdown the classic 9 minute GNR video for November Rain and it is hilarious. Aside from the fact that they are my favorite band of all time, this post is completely irrelevant to my blog.... however this is my blog, and I will do what I want.

An Excerpt:

"Minute Five: A helicopter flies around Slash, giving us rockgodness from all angles, although possibly putting his cigarette out in the process, which is not a bad thing, as it will kill you. Smoking, I mean, not guitar solos. Although if any guitar solo could kill, it would be this one. You can tell Slash is a rock god because his stance is so wide he is almost doing the splits. "

Hilarious. The rest of the article is just as good if you remember anything about the video.

Click Here for the Article

Monday, April 28, 2008

Fire and Motion

"When I was an Israeli paratrooper a general stopped by to give us a little speech about strategy. In infantry battles, he told us, there is only one strategy: Fire and Motion. You move towards the enemy while firing your weapon. The firing forces him to keep his head down so he can't fire at you. (That's what the soldiers mean when they shout "cover me." It means, "fire at our enemy so he has to duck and can't fire at me while I run across this street, here." It works.) The motion allows you to conquer territory and get closer to your enemy, where your shots are much more likely to hit their target. If you're not moving, the enemy gets to decide what happens, which is not a good thing. If you're not firing, the enemy will fire at you, pinning you down."

See Fire and Motion Article

Great article relating to business operations vs growth and how critical it is to keep improving your product. If you aren't innovating you are losing ground.

And no, I was never an Israeli Paratrooper.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

I love the smell of commerce in the morning....

Wasn't that the famous quote?

So the slow season storm (Jan & Feb) has been weathered and things are looking up - way up. The weather is braking all over the country and our sales our climbing in tune with the ever rising mercury this time of the year. We have also picked up all but a few of the major brands we needed to carry to be a contender.

We are comfortably in the black, our Philadelphia store and dotcom are developing a solid following and the reviews floating around the net about us are nothing short of glowing.

At this point, we are a far cry from the day our first order was placed. After fulfilling the silver frame-matched paint ($12.50) and receiving delivery confirmation of the package we realized that after shipping we actually ate $4.00 on the order. It wasn't the most fun part of the journey for our founding four - but we can now look back fondly at the moment our joy turned to terror surrounding our first order.

Right now we are concentrating on improving overall user experience and product selection, making key hires where need be, and smoothing out the supply chain via technology and methodical revision at any and all touch points.

Its a fun time to be a founder on a brisk pace to seven figure revenue in our first year - in an industry thats down 25% from last year no less. Booyah!

It also was especially sweet to recently get genuine excitement from one of our friends who built, branded and sold StubHub last year to eBay and is basically "retired" at this point.

There is definitely no lack of focus here either: Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service.

Young businesses are definitely Mr. Toad's wild ride.. Fo' Sheezy.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Curse you Mechanical Turk! ... and Rick Astley

So today we noticed an interesting referrer while tailing our ecommerce website's production.log file

(As written and posted by Matt to
======== (Notice the link at the top of the page links to (my site), sometimes it swaps to an product so just refresh that page if it does)

Apparently someone had created a mechanical turk which is paying people to reword / paraphrase our product descriptions (I assume) for use on their competing website. We can't be having that so I added a simple rule to redirect any Mechanical Turk referrers to :D


This isn't a game... its the retail wild west. Don't mess with the RevZilla boys - we'll make you famous.

Click Here to see our post of this on and read other folks responses.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Customers are great. Evangelists are Better.

This is why customer service is always king no matter what your business.

Posted today, pulled directly from Superbikes Forum:

KLX*** Wrote:


Motorcycle, Dirt Bike and ATV Helmets, Gear and Accessories - RevZilla Motorsports

I have been in the market for a new textile jacket for the past three weeks or so. I searched around online for the lowest price for the Teknic Freestyle Jacket and came across two websites. It was either or

I browsed through's website and found that it was very user friendly and possibly amongst the best website layouts I've ever encountered. A notch above in my opinion.

I spoke to Matt who handled my order; I originally emailed him to inquire if they were willing to pricematch a price I found elsewhere, at which point he happily complied.

I ordered this on Thursday (3/13) night, shipped out Friday (3/14) and had it at my door by noon on Monday. (3/17) (Fastest shipping I've ever encountered and it was free shipping as well)

I created this thread so people would be less hesitant to purchase from since they are fairly new. I'd like it to be known that they have excellent customer service, fast shipping, and some of the lowest prices I've seen on the internet.

Thank You Revzilla!

Ninja edit: P.S. I'd like it to be publicly known that I have never nor do I now have any affiliation with Motorcycle, Dirt Bike and ATV Helmets, Gear and Accessories - RevZilla Motorsports or it's affiliates. Furthermore I have not received any type of monetary compensation for this review. This review is soley for the purpose of sharing a great experience I had.


Blow away their expectations and turn customers into evangelists - further extending your reach, brand and reputation.

We're on a mission to raise the bar. So far were succeeding.

Anthony Bucci

Friday, February 22, 2008

I am not dead I swear. Blogging for my Biz today.

It's been a while for this thing... I miss it.

This time around I thought I would get more bang for the buck out of a post on our companies web site about the dealer expo in Indy last weekend.

click here to see it


Monday, January 07, 2008

Maybe they'll leave me alone next time.

Besides waking up today and dropping my long distance business carrier for Comcast (we were getting hosed), I also had to run a bunch of errands in town.

It was blustery 67 degrees today in Philly - a sure sign of the looming apocalypse - so when I stopped on the corner of 4th and South for a lunchtime Jim's Steak I was rocking one of my classic "no meetings today" uniforms: Velour pants, my Risque video hat and a long sleeve black tee.

I basically fit right in with the South St crowd so I don't know why I surprised when I got stopped in front of Starbucks by a CN8 anchor with a camera man to be interviewed about McDonald's apparent foray into the overpriced and overrated high-end coffee market place. Way to be 3 months late on that breaking story Comcast!

So picture me in my goofy outfit, on South St, now about to be interviewed by a "man-on-the-street" team concerning what I think about MCDonald's competing with Starbucks and who would I buy from.

I have no doubt that they were expecting my response to follow the same format of most folks they already interviewed today with something along the lines of "To me it look like a leprechaun, to me." so I decided to screw with them.

I was asked an honest question which I could have answers simply with a "I hate both and refuse to pay for coffee", which is really how I feel. Just for kicks though I decided to throw them a curve ball - unfortunately for them, brands, their products and their positioning is something that I evaluate daily for work.

I'm not sure if they were expecting a response chock full of coffee price point analysis, evaluation of emotional customer response and the reiteration of the fact that at Starbucks you're paying extra for a (canned) authentic & exclusive experience from an aspirational coffee brand.

I think by the time I was done I had two blank stares looking back at me, really not sure how to react. Hilarious.

My closing argument was at least soundbite worthy, "Prices aside, I am not sure how happy I am going to be trusting the same guy who makes the mcmuffins to craft me my high-end coffee."

No doubt a complex answer to a simple question. They definitely got more than they bargained for. I had to chuckle.

I just hope when they run the story there is no amateur sketch involved. Who all seen the leprechaun say yeah!

Anthony Bucci

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Rock & Roll, Motorcycles & High Fashion? ... The Perfect Storm

Guy Trebay of the NY Times wrote in an article today:

"Despite the wholesale plundering of biker culture by the design world, there is plenty of gold left to mine from this $9.7-billion industry. The average age of motorcyclists continues to increase, to 41 today, from 32 in 1990, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. Yet, paradoxically, biker style looks fresher than ever. This, at least, was the impression one took away from the 27th Annual Cycle World International Motorcycle Show, which blew into Manhattan at the Javits Center last week."

If you don't know already my new company ( is focused on the "lifestyle" of the motorcyclist and lesser so on the parts they need to keep their rides running.

The article is great and basically speaks to and validates most things that we had speculated about in varying degrees up until this point. Its nice to see other like minded, non-hell's-angels taking notice of the readily apparent collision between utility inspired biker wares with high-end aspirational products and lifestyle apparel.

See the Article: Stealing From a Biker Gang

A great example is the striking similarities between the Xelement Biker Boots pictured above and Mark Nason Distortions pictured below. If I didn't tell you, could you tell that the Xelements are $75 and the Nason's cost $450?

Somewhere in my due diligence I picked up this snippet: Other than golf & motorcycles, its difficult to name another major lifestyle or hobby that people partake in from the time they are 5 years old until they die.

...and no World of Warcraft doesn't count.

Its tough to do, and considering I find golf to be about as exciting as Tolstoy - Motorcycles have been a front runner in my mind for launching a new lifestyle based business for a while. I really don't think I could write product descriptions about putters all day even if I had to.

Each day my partners and I evaluate and reevaluate our offering, competitive advantage, positioning and strategy based all available information.

Lately its been going extremely well, with traffic, conversion rate and revenues climbing steadily week by week. A few times it's felt like I am in the middle of the Perfect Storm, with things just falling into place.

Now if I can get Mark Nason to let me carry his boots and Tommy Lee to write a testimonial we'd be all set.

Anthony Bucci