Video Brain Dumps, Just Tell Me Where

Writing is hard and takes a long time, but it’s worth it.

I have found a lot of joy and satisfaction attempting to post 1-2 times per week since I launched this site in early March. My goal was sharing useful insights or things I’m passionate about that are hopefully relevant to my experience.

I’ve gotten busy though and I’m finding it hard to hit the 2-plus-post-per-week mark with any regularity.

Many times in working with founders or colleagues, I’m answering the same questions or solving similar problems, which in turn, spawn the idea for a useful post topic. But unfortunately, that post then becomes a much longer post or sits half-finished. There are a bunch of these I need to finish and publish.

I was thinking about how to potentially scale the frequency of commentary on useful topics which can be leveraged by those looking to augment their playbooks on this site…. how do you alleviate the time overhead from the necessary structural perfection of the written word?

Oh wait. Yeah. I have an idea I saw somewhere…

So there is this thing called video and you can host it on YouTube for free. I bet that would work.

Also, it’s always way more fun when I can answer a real questions vs post something I have a hunch will be useful to others.

What are you working on and how can I help you? Hit me up. Best questions win.

I’m most passionate and knowledgable on:

  • startups
  • brand building
  • consumer businesses
  • leadership
  • scaling
  • personal development
  • RevZilla-related or not
  • how, what or why topics

I probably won’t yell a spastic intro, wear the blurple shirt or forget to breathe – that’s reserved for moto gear.

Post a question via the comments, social media or contact me link in dropdown above. My hypothesis is that I can be more useful, more quickly, more frequently via a video response here and there. If it sucks we’ll take it down, stop or try something else. God bless the Internet.


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