Top 10 Sandwiches in Philadelphia

Its 1:28am on Tuesday. I just got back from the gym and am raiding my child’s uncrustables due to lack of an adequate sandwich in the house and no desire to fire up the grill. It just struck me that, come this June, I will have been in Philly for a full ten years. Its also struck me that during my tenure in this town I have experienced a lot of Philly; some good, some bad, all memorable. Some of my favorite and easily replicable experiences are the hometown eats. Philly is a good food town – its been a decade of lunchtime decadence, if you will.

I don’t know why, but I have been thinking about sandwiches lately. A ton. Here is my top ten-ish list of of unforgettable sandwiches in good old Philthadelphia.

  1. Boneless Rib Sandwich at The Rib Stand. Reading Terminal Market.
  2. Roast Beef Italian with Broccoli Rabe or Italian Spinach and Sharp Prov at Shank’s and Evelyn’s. 10th & Christian
  3. Diablo (Buffalo chicken, Green Pepper, Jalapeno Jack Cheese, Avocado, Chipotle Mayo on Sourdough) at the Foodery. 2nd and Poplar St
  4. Cheesesteak (Eaten Sober), American Cheese with Fried Onions at Jim’s Steaks. 4th and South.
  5. Roast Pork Italian (Roast Pork, Italian Spinach, Sharp Prov, Homemade Bread) at Tony Lukes. Oregon & Swanson.
  6. Cheese Steak (Eaten Hammered) Wiz, Fried Onions, Hot Sauce, Ketchup. Pat’s Steaks. 10th and Wharton
  7. Old Italian Hoagie (Proscuitto, Capacola, Sopresatta, LTO, O&V, Chopped Pepper Shooters on Sarcone’s Bread) at Primo’s Hoagies. 11th and Sansom.
  8. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich at Race St Cafe. 2nd and Race.
  9. Italian Brisket Sandwich (Brisket, Spicey Spinach Sharp Prov) at Dinic’s. Reading Terminal Market.
  10. Roast Beef w/ Horseradish at Nicks Roast Beef. 21st and Jackson.
  11. Wagyu BBQ Brisket at El Camino Real. Liberties Walk & 2nd.

Did I miss any? When I have a massive heart attack next year – at 29 – you will know why. 10 years of eating my top 11 for lunch.


(ps I have no idea, besides being very hungry at the moment, what compelled me to write this at 2am.)

(pps – I just reread the list 5 minutes after posting. Half the sandwiches are exactly the same except for swapping the meat type. Am I that stereotypically Italian? I may be physically unable to not eat anything that is paired with Italian greens and sharp provolone cheese. Pathetic)

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