Step #2 bring the work and play together… SkateZilla eCommerce & Meat Consortiums

Wednesday night we had our first official SkateZilla at the RevZilla warehouse. Skating the miniramp has been great – skating the miniramp, eating grilled meat and talking eCom / social networking is that much better.

I invited a bunch of old friends who I know skate and also happened to be talented web dev / designers over to “play”. What on a whim started as a miniramp distraction in our motorcycle warehouse, has now very quickly evolved into a chance for me to bring two things I love together and be reasonably productive.

It also gives me an outside chance of getting hurt a couple times a month and everyone knows that I can’t resist danger.

About 8 of us hung out from 6-10, ate drank, dropped in and talked a ton of shop. I will take that over the standard “meet after work for a dink” any day of the week any time I can.

Our SkateZilla tweets even got retweeted a bit and next time around – in two Wednesdays on 9/2 – we may have a coupe more talented new web people whom I don’t know previously, coming to play – Granted they sign the waiver. 😛

We are shoting for every other Wednesday. If you are a web geek who rides, shoot us a line.

Obviously we took some shots for posterity. You can see them on RevZilla’s Flickr. SkateZilla #2 Gallery

…and here is an obligatory video of me falling down the ramp – in High-Def, no less!

Before you comment, yes I know it blows out the layout, yes I know I am not that good at skateboarding and yes I know that pads are for wusses. I don’t care.


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