RevZilla & Early Career Interview at Drexel’s Lebow Business School

It’s always enjoyable and humbling to be asked to speak to folks earlier in their journeys.

A mix of sharing (hopefully) useful nuggets with a side order of glory-days-nostalgia always leaves me smiling. It’s former operator self-actualization at its finest.

Last week I spent about an hour with a room full of Drexel business and entrepreneurship undergrads, hosted by Drexel’s Lebow School of Business and fellow alum Mike Angelos.

I’ve told the RevZilla story a ton of times but Mike delivered a mix of broader questions and hilarious curveballs that were rounded out by great student Q&A. This was a slightly different career-oriented talk that absolutely had the benefit of 5+ years of post-RevZilla perspective.

To Mike’s credit, the work he put into prepping for this and trying to find second and third level questions, made all the difference in the depth of discussion. He also dug up some cringey old photos of me. Jerk… however level 10 trolling always gets respect. :-p

My hunch is the most useful parts of the discussion are on hiring, core values and self knowledge along with some thoughts on raising money and investing.

Some links to things I mentioned in the talk:

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