Anthony Bucci

I’m a founder, CEO, brand builder, investor, tech geek, family man and juggernaut. I’m most known for RevZilla. Expect a bit of storytelling, inspiration and insight as my different roles and perspective continue to evolve. I won’t settle and neither should you.

  • Over the last year, I have regularly found myself sharing things I have learned about life and business with people.

    Each new person has occupied a different stage of life and career, but many of the topics have been the same. It’s been lots of sharing, comparing notes and learning, creating a virtuous cycle of value flowing in both directions.

    During these conversations one of us inevitably says, “This has to get written down”. Sometimes it happens, most times it doesn’t.

    During my time leading and growing RevZilla, I used to frequently crystalize my thoughts and share them internally via all-hands meetings or company-wide emails I called “Orange Juice”. It was a great way to engage staff at all levels, capture and teach institutional knowledge while reinforcing alignment around the most important things.

    It also forced me to further simplify and refine my thoughts into nuggets which could become frameworks, slogans, mantras and potentially be referenced later.

    So taking a page out of one of my favorite’s play book (AVC), I’m going to attempt to capture and share more widely my thoughts and insights which continue to be the foundation of many of my conversations focused on improving life and work outcomes.

    I have learned so much from those who took the time either personally or in their writing to share what worked for them along the way. How could I not pay it forward?

    Special thanks to Philadelphia creative stud, Chris Cashdollar (yes, best last name ever) for helping me design and bring the site to life. Special thanks to my Chief of Staff extraordinaire, Lee Anne Fischl, for the kick in the ass to follow through, and pointing out that I hadn’t written a post since 2011.

    Regarding the title of this site, my mom once asked me “If you wrote a book, what would the title be?” Within a few seconds I had it. Never Settle. It seemed obvious.

    Never Settle captures me two-fold. Always engaged and excited, moving forward toward the next thing (read, slight ADD), coupled with the relentless pursuit to see the people and things around me maximize their potential, myself included.

    Tag line, book title, personal mantra, license plate, blessing and frequently curse. Regardless. It’s me and I’m sure it will come through.

    I hope you find as much value here as I find satisfaction in sharing what I have captured. I consider the pursuit of helping those who come next an homage to all those who believed and invested in me along the way.

  • In 2016 I was asked to deliver the Drexel Graduation Keynote for the College of Computers and Informatics. An honor, challenge and responsibility for sure.

    It was a big year for RevZilla with a ton of press. Pretty neat to have some new doors flung open.

    My mom wouldn’t stop crying from the front row and I’m not sure if the faculty appreciated some of my easter eggs – but the undergrads seemed to respond well to the “Top 5 Ways to Maximize Their Nerdvantage”. I even had a parent or two high five me on our procession out.

    I begin at about 15:30.

    Very surreal these times we live in….  Did Drexel know that I accidentally hit a 7 iron toward a pickup soccer game from my front porch, once? Maybe not.


  • I am still not quite sure exactly why our landlord loves to star in our RevZillaTV videos, but he continues to oblige us whenever we call – so long as RevZilla’s rent is paid on time.

    This 2011 holiday season Eli starred in a few videos and our latest for RevZilla’s December Deals is one of my personal favorites of all time. Ironically enough, it had the lowest budget and took less than an hour to shoot.

    Happy holidays to everyone out there and those folks who continue to help support, whether by voting with their credit cards, busting their hump as part of TeamZilla or continuing to help guide Matt, Nick and I along the way.

    2011 was big. Even bigger thangs to come in 2012.

    I’ve got a feeling. (…woo hoo).


  • I love customer feedback.

    Great prices and excellent video reviews…keep it up. I took an e-commerce class and my final project was an analysis of…got an “A” thanks


  • After being at the co-helm of a start-up (which is now an emerging business) for the last 3.5 years, I have learned a ton about what I know, what I thought I knew and what I need to learn more about. There are many online resources that I follow and digest daily, as well as some which serve as great reference points on a slew of business topics which are both leading edge and fundamental.

    Since I graduated in ’04, I have always had a twinge of “would an MBA be coming in handy right how” as we have enacted strategies for addressing business elements which we know have been solved by every other company in their comeuppance. Nothing is more frustrating than the feeling of reinventing the wheel.

    These days I have more of a comfort level in the fact that over my education and early career I had “learned how to learn”. If I don’t know something, I am confident in my ability to get the answer through a number of channels; the interwebs, my colleagues, advisors, mentors etc. Being secure on that front helps me to sleep a bit better these days.

    One of my favorite daily resources is, the blog of venture capitalist Fred Wilson. It’s a great commentary on the current start-up ecosystem, market trends, investment community and his “MBA Mondays” section continues to be interesting and valuable. The community leaving comments on any of his posts are the icing on the cake.

    My co-founders and I always joke that we are getting the “start-up MBA”. On the fly. On the web. Putting it to use, every day. We are living our own case study.

    It’s thanks to guys like Fred, who are sharing a career worth of knowledge and insight, daily, which continue to make this possible and allow us to learn from his wins and losses, albeit at an arms length. I hope to be able to pay it forward like that at some point. It would also be nice to bump into him and get a chance to say “Thank you” in person as well. The tech entrepreneur world is becoming big and small at the same time. It will probably happen.

    If you still are not sold, they also have Fake Grimlock. Find his comments. Thoughtful and funny. You will laugh. Unless you are unfunny.


  • A friend recently turned me onto StellaService – they are positioning themselves as the Michelin Guide for online retailers. Seeing as “customer experience” is what we believe to be RevZilla’s holy grail, I am eager to get enough nominations for them to take a peek at us – and hopefully shower us with rose petals, adulation and potentially Cristal.

    I also had a chance to chat with one of their co-founders on the phone and ended our conversation thinking they were pretty sharp in their approach to an already crowded space. I wish their company success in the start-up ecosystem.

    If you would like to nominate us I would greatly appreciate it. You can find the RevZilla StellaService nomination page here.