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First Post. Never Settle.

Over the last year, I have regularly found myself sharing things I have learned about life and business with people.

Each new person has occupied a different stage of life and career, but many of the topics have been the same. It’s been lots of sharing, comparing notes and learning, creating a virtuous cycle of value flowing in both directions.

During these conversations one of us inevitably says, “This has to get written down”. Sometimes it happens, most times it doesn’t.

During my time leading and growing RevZilla, I used to frequently crystalize my thoughts and share them internally via all-hands meetings or company-wide emails I called “Orange Juice”. It was a great way to engage staff at all levels, capture and teach institutional knowledge while reinforcing alignment around the most important things.

It also forced me to further simplify and refine my thoughts into nuggets which could become frameworks, slogans, mantras and potentially be referenced later.

So taking a page out of one of my favorite’s play book (AVC), I’m going to attempt to capture and share more widely my thoughts and insights which continue to be the foundation of many of my conversations focused on improving life and work outcomes.

I have learned so much from those who took the time either personally or in their writing to share what worked for them along the way. How could I not pay it forward?

Special thanks to Philadelphia creative stud, Chris Cashdollar (yes, best last name ever) for helping me design and bring the site to life. Special thanks to my Chief of Staff extraordinaire, Lee Anne Fischl, for the kick in the ass to follow through, and pointing out that I hadn’t written a post since 2011.

Regarding the title of this site, my mom once asked me “If you wrote a book, what would the title be?” Within a few seconds I had it. Never Settle. It seemed obvious.

Never Settle captures me two-fold. Always engaged and excited, moving forward toward the next thing (read, slight ADD), coupled with the relentless pursuit to see the people and things around me maximize their potential, myself included.

Tag line, book title, personal mantra, license plate, blessing and frequently curse. Regardless. It’s me and I’m sure it will come through.

I hope you find as much value here as I find satisfaction in sharing what I have captured. I consider the pursuit of helping those who come next an homage to all those who believed and invested in me along the way.

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