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Founder and Company Scaling Playbook – e-Book Download

Day-to-day productivity, people management, scaling teams and planning cycles are a huge part of a company’s journey from start up to grown up. They are also foundational within a person’s journey from green to experienced.

One of the biggest challenges is for someone stay ahead of the company growth and complexity curve while continuing to optimize the outputs and outcomes of their purview? This applies to founders, CEOs, execs and all employees on some level in a growth environment.

I always found this a satisfying and formidable challenge to tackle and it remains a frequent topic of conversation in my circles at all levels.

Over the years I have compiled a suite of books, articles and personal anecdotes that serve as quick references on some of these topics. They can usually quickly level up someone’s thinking and tools, or at least highlight the breadth and logical outcomes of their potential decisions.

If you don’t have your own list of useful links, I’d encourage anyone to start curating and collecting. Very easy to organize by topic. Invest the time now for the payoff of usefulness later.

This week I saw one of the most useful articles in a long time on Hacker News from a CEO Coach / Operating Partner / VC named Matt Mochary. It was an downloadable e-Book centered on scaling yourself and your company for founders, but much of it could be very useful to all levels of staff.

I have not made it through the entire e-book, but I have dug what I have seen so far. I’m thinking about adding my own commentary to the sidebar, where useful, and sharing it broadly with my network.

Even after a quick pass, it’s clear Matt has 1) seen or lived a ton of companies from startup-to-grownup and 2) taken the time to organize and concisely record a playbook of tools, frameworks and things to think about.

Regardless of your role or your company’s stage of life, there is a lot that many will find useful in here to level up their efficacy and impact.

We all produce the best results when we tailor and refine our playbook to our situation, prefered style and tendencies. But when you are doing it for the first time, sometimes a cut-n-paste baseline is better than nothing and much of the cut-n-paste-ables from Matt, happen to be pretty good.

I’m going to print this, bind it and stick it on the shelf right next to Dalio, Horowitz, Theil, Wickman and my other faves.

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