Year: 2010

  • Named to Internet Retailer Magazine’s Hot 100 2010 List

    I guess the silver lining on the flurry of sales call’s I will be getting soon would probably be RevZilla’s name in “lights” again.

    Even still, its pretty cool to be on the merchant side of things building something that has been deemed noteworthy by an industry I have spent so much of my professional life involved in.

    See the Internet Retailer Hot 100

  • Win’s 2011 Emerging Business of the Year for the Philadelphia Region

    Very proud to be included in the list of Philly’s favorite sons for 2011. The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce is a well respected entity and this year marks their 28th Annual Business Awards for the Region. We are obviously ecstatic to be chosen at the winner of the Emerging Business of the Year.

    You can find the full article on at this link to the full RevZilla Article.

    Begin RevZilla Article Excerpt –>

    “RevZilla is a proof that innovation and teamwork can still allow you to make your own luck, even in tough economic times.” – Anthony Bucci,

    In 2006, no online retailer addressing the 38 billion dollar per year power sports vertical had truly adopted a next generation, consumer-centric online strategy. The “big bet” was that a “Zappos style” approach to customer service coupled with leading edge eCommerce technology could enable three friends to bootstrap and launch a multi-million dollar online business from the living room of their apartment – without external investment.

    From rough idea to a launched eCommerce site in about four months, began selling motorcycle gear and parts online in November 2007. In spite of the failing economic climate, at the ninety day mark was cash flow positive and Matt, Nick and Anthony had a feeling their “big bet” could be a winner.

    From time to time RevZilla’s founding team can be heard referring to the business’s near instant success as the “perfect storm” of ingredients. Their complimentary skills in internet technology, marketing and design for consumer-facing eCommerce coupled with a shared passion as motorcycle hobbyists lent itself well to developing new ways to serve other motorcyclists online…..

    For more check out the Revzilla article on the GPCC web site.


  • Halloween is not to be missed… ever…

    As you get older, don’t lose Halloween. There is plenty of other time to be a parent, work hard, do old people stuff. Don’t miss Halloween. Do it every year. Rope your wife in. It will keep you young.

    Russell Brand, Katie Perry and Elmo had a night out on the town.

    Like I said. It’s not to be missed.


  • in the Philadelphia Business Journal

    They certainly got the headline right, as we do seem to be this “Internet Bubble” throwback startup in the midst of the social and mobile revolution – using social and mobile of course – albeit started in our living room.

    It’s nice when your hometown gets behind your cause and wants to help highlight what you’re currently losing your hair over… er I mean “building and enjoying”.

    I love the picture, you can call us the “Ghetto Avenue Street Boys” fresh off our Canadian tour opening up for Justin Bieber. Sad when you company photo could be a bad boy band album cover. Ha!

    Check out the RevZilla Article here.

    Thanks Peter for a great article and for the kind words from David as well.

    Now back to the fun…


  • RevZilla Named to the 2010’s Top 100 Companies on the East Coast

    Let the ink flow… :-p

    We were excited to find out this week that we were named as one of the Always On’s Top 100 Companies on the East coast for 2010.

    “After examining the companies that are on the AOE100 list, it’s obvious that innovation is not only alive and well on the East Coast, it’s accelerating in economic power and scope.” says Tony Perkins, founder and editor of AlwaysOn. “The companies certainly represent some of the highest-growth opportunities in the private company marketplace.”

    We were one of their 17 picked in the Consumer Internet Category.

    Check out the 2010 Top 100 Companies East Article.

    You gotta love the fluffy awards…


  • RevZilla in the News

    What can I say? RevZilla has been kicking ass and taking names for a while now. We’re no longer the new kids on the block in our industry anymore – now we’re just the intersting kid on the block, the one that the bigger guys are watching like hawks as we continue to eat our spinach. As long as it’s still fun.

    Got some press this week within the industry. They asked for a picture of us and we still don’t have a staged shot of us on bikes or in our showroom so they got the classic (low budget) Indy Garage tour pic which we all think makes us look like we are ten. Hilarious.

    Full Article about bringing it in the CS department.

    A Q&A I did for the Mag

    As well as an eCommerce Round Table with some other industry guys

    I guess we need a pic for this so this is the one I will choose.

    Here is us having a pose off with John from Colemans in DC somewhere in Northern Italy. We called him the “Fake Ric Flair” for the entire trip.


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