Monday, May 09, 2011

Cinco de Moto 2011 at RevZilla

We are still unsure about the lasting impact on this one or the brand message it conveys to our audience. While we were filming it, it felt a bit "phoned in". We only became more comfortable with the fruits of this effort after one of our staff choked due to spontaneous, uncontrollable laughter during the internal screening. The title of said screening was "are we sure we want to do this?"

I am also still not sure if we produce these for our customers or purely for our own amusement. Some days it feels like 11th grade video production class - with a real budget.

Submitted for your approval, I give you Cinco de Moto 2011: A Revolution of Savings.

On a side note, we wished we would have filmed the looping sessions with Eli playing Castro. He kept doing this odd high-pitched half French, half Gollum from Lord of the Rings, voice. There was a welcomed, yet slightly confusing, absurdity to it all.


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