Friday, April 08, 2011

RevZilla Supporting the Youth with a Scholarship in 2011

I love that RevZilla has made it to the point hat we can help the next generation via a RevZilla Scholarship. I guess it's a bit of a side affect of being old and somewhat successfully running the business - yikes. But I like affecting the youths none the less.
I'm also not sure if I am most happy about offering the help or thinking that the winner might just throw a ridiculous party with his or her winnings and maybe "make it rain" at some point.
Either way I am happy to do it and got to have a bit of fun writing up the entry form.
Here is how I started:
We're giving away $1000 bucks. You could win. It would obviously rule.
Headed to college and want to win $1000 bucks to buy books, food or other "stuff"? Enter the College Scholarship Contest and win $1000 bucks. Its simple, answer in 500-1000 words one of the following questions...
Who would of thought I could add "Donor" to my credentials at 30 in a way that did not involve my organs.
See the full post in all it's glory here:

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