Friday, August 27, 2010 - The best of the worst.

At the volume that does at this point we get over a hundred returns a week. Typically customers seem to get it and take the time to send us gear back in the condition and shipping container that we originally sent it to them in. Normal decent people understand this. We clearly outline it through the entire process.

I would say that 1% of those customers dramatically miss the mark in some fashion. Its comically bad, almost. Its at the expense of our time, money and sanity, usually.

We have had a few times where we could not accept a return at all because it was in such bad condition. We unfortunately have to send those instances back to the customer - and that is the most terrible mess for us and them that can possibly happen. I shudder thinking about those instances.

In a recent debacle a customer challenged us and we rebutted with pictures of the damaged items which we now save and catalog to guard against credit card chargebacks, BBB Issues and defensibility of our reputation in the forums. The process for documenting bad returns is named after the customer who created such major problems returning items that he spawned an internal process which now bears his moniker.

If there was ever a silver lining, it would be using these rotten examples as a point of reference for new customers returning an item for the first time as an example of "what not to do".

The bonus is the amusement factor in all of this because god knows I love to nickname things.

Today I am proud to give you


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