Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The things we do for our kids....

My daughter recently turned 2. Instead of doing the stock $400 little kid pizza party at "barneys playland" we opted for the much more intimate backyard party with close friends and family using my parents house as the venue.

While $400 initally seemed steep for the alternative, after mulching the backyard, food, prep, setup and tear down, it was clear to me that the premium for "barneys playland" is the ability to show up, play, make a mess, eat then leave. But I guess deep down we wanted something a bit more memorable for Isa and ourselves.

So what started with cake and ice cream for family turned into food, tents, a pinata, jumping castle and pony. Yup I said pony. Slightly embarrassing.

All of it went off without a hitch. Many thanks for the help from all our "helpers" - Even the crazy pony lady that showed up in an Eagles sweatshirt with the pony in a white molester van. (I actually still have some residual guilt from this)

Any parent reading this understands the why behind it all. To eventually get to the following moment, which you hope they remember forever. As parents you now you will.

Not sure how we'll ever top her second birthday. But maybe she'll just remember that she had a blast that day.


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