Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's Go!

People keep asking me - "What happened to the Blog?"

She happened to the blog. happened to the blog. Life has managed to get in the way of the blog, sleep, working out, fist-pumping, bowling etc. This is not a bad thing though...

Hoping that this post is the spark that brings me back. A lot of things coming up to write about, but priortities have really kept me taking the left turn at twitter when I feel a blog post coming on. It's just so much easier. I know, I know its a cop-out - but a 140 character limit ensures I get back to work much quicker.

The juices are flowing, I just need to get the posts locked down. It will happen.

For the record Whitesnake was playing in the background at my new distribution center for this pic. I just dont randomly throw the horns that often anymore. Isa did love it though.

More to come....

1 comment:

jodyferry said...

Heck yea! Too busy to blog is a good thing. Cute kid - she must have mommy's looks!