Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chinese Democracy: Solid Album, Stupid Title.

Picked up Chinese Democracy today. I heard 9 of the 14 tracks a few months back when they leaked online. The final versions of the songs sounded great - much better than the leaks.

Its a solid solo album for Axl. My only complaint is that some of the lyrics are a bit cliche - even for rock lyrics. A few of the songs are a little bit over-produced as well. The songs featuring Axl's piano work have always been and are still my favorite. This holds true on the new album.

When you dress like the guy for more than one halloween, you don't really have the option not to buy his first new album in 14 years, regardless of how mired in controversy it is.

Axl and Asian Slash in Avalon circa 2005.

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