Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yelp is a completely ego driven time sink. I love it.

My Yelp career began about a month ago. It ended today.

For those of you who were around for Watergate.. Yelp is like Mypace + Wikipedia + the Yellow Pages geared toward an artsy, cultured, hipster crowd. There are way to many used record stores reviewed on there for their primary user to be anything different.

In all honesty though, from what I saw, a myriad of different type folks are on Yelp proliferating themselves, and showcasing their writing chops or lack thereof.

I originally got on to leave a good review for my friend bill who owns a coffee shop down the street from RevZilla. I left my review, mentioned the coffee, service and fare coupled with a dynamite Mr. T drop in that I thought was funny.

Yelp was cool... then I realized that people were tagging my breif blurb as "funny", "cool" etc.... than I got a compliment tag... Yelp became like the crazy blog I had in college, only now I had an audience built in and could tell my stories which aren't fit for this blog based upon the nationwide venues that they occurred at. At that point yelp went from cool to awesome - granted your someone who likes to tell a good story or two for no other reason than to get a good laugh.

So for about a month when I was bored I scribed a story or two and ended up writing about 9 restaurant / bar reviews which spawned a handful of random feedback.

Well today I woke up to handful of messages and much to my surprise my review of the House of Chen, one of our favorite "late nite" philly food spots, was the "review of the day" and my goofy mug was plastered on the front page for Philadelphia. Sweet.

So now, after realizing that witty writing can actually get noticed on a grander scale, you would think I would be more inclined to build out my stable of "stories" further... but nah the excitement has peaked and the novelty has waned... back to driving incremental sales and tracking cohort analyses for RevZilla full time....

Kudos to yelp though. Great site, solid design, smart functionality & usability scheme. Well done, sir. Well done.

Click to see my HOC review.


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