Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Curse you Mechanical Turk! ... and Rick Astley

So today we noticed an interesting referrer while tailing our ecommerce website's production.log file

(As written and posted by Matt to
======== (Notice the link at the top of the page links to (my site), sometimes it swaps to an product so just refresh that page if it does)

Apparently someone had created a mechanical turk which is paying people to reword / paraphrase our product descriptions (I assume) for use on their competing website. We can't be having that so I added a simple rule to redirect any Mechanical Turk referrers to :D


This isn't a game... its the retail wild west. Don't mess with the RevZilla boys - we'll make you famous.

Click Here to see our post of this on and read other folks responses.


1 comment:

The Monkey Farmer said...

Dude, that is so funny! Not the ripping off of your content, but your Rick Roll!

I need to start looking for the Ol' Turk in our logs.