Wednesday, December 26, 2007

There have got to be some royalties coming my way from Spencer Gifts.

In my previous vendor life, Spencer Gifts was absolutely toward the top of the list as far as noteworthy national accounts that I closed were concerned.

They were a fun brand to work with, were fledglings at eCommerce at the time and due to the nature of our long-term client-vendor relationship I had the chance to be part of many aspects of their business both online and off.

Our firm obviously positioned, designed, built and marketed the site, but some of my favorite things were the off the wall "well somebody's gotta do it" type tasks that came up which I ended up taking on.

It was through that account that I was able to (jokingly) add Casting Director to my resume. We did many photoshoots around different aspects of their business and seasonal events. Some had crazy Halloween themes, others had strange emo/goth kids in weird off-color tee's and others had scantily clad bikini models that I convinced to pose in semi-compromising positions with each other. Tough to say which ones I liked the best. (laughs) I even jumped in a picture here and there when we were short on folks.

My take-away from all of it was that some things worked and some things didn't. We tried not to make the same mistake twice and always tried to stay authentic. Authentic is always the absolute key - young people know when their being treated with kid gloves immediately. As a whole the 16-24 demo is not an easy one. They are as fickle as they are frugal concerning impulse buys online.

Now fast forward three years to last Friday.

For those of you that do not know, I am going to be a Dad this June. I thought it would be hilarious to go to the mall and pick up something irreverent for my child-to-be which I could stick in my girl's stocking, so naturally I wandered into Spencer Gifts to eventually find this:


After throwing the Onesie (is that really what that product is called?) under my arm I took a lap of the store for old times sake only to be transported into the bizzaro world.

Much to my chagrin I am on the side of every single piece of product packaging in the damn lighting section. Literally 100's of boxes in every store. Ridiculous.

Right now I am wondering if I ever signed a release. I guess it serves me right for commingling with the "talent".

I bought this laser thingy just as a souvenir. $14.99 for a box.

And you thought my days as a washed up male model were over. Ha!

In all seriousness - I'll pass on the royalties from the photo - just as long as I am able to cash in on the favor that they now owe me at some point.

Anthony Bucci

ps - Just so no one points it out in the comments, yes I took the lap of the store looking for cool guns n' roses action figures - so shut up.

pps - here are some links to the photoshoots Shoot 1 Shoot 2

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jodyferry said...

Oh schnap! Where's my photo credit?!! (They were the best of times, they were the worst of times.)