Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The natural beauty of "preCommerce"

You have obviously heard of eCommerce. But have you heard of preCommerce?

About six weeks ago, we launched a design free version of our product catalog located at the URL for our new site which was still very heavily under construction.

It's a brilliant move which we had used multiple times for different clients during my agency days to make ripples on the search engines long before the actual launch of a new site. Search Engines usually take some time (it varies) before they will completely index a new domain.

For instance with us, Google took a few weeks while Yahoo just went through recently. Even longer still, Google indexed all of our products just a few days ago.

The benefit is that if you don't mind starting to receive traffic to a semi-complete site you can avoid going live with zero organic results.

Our take was that as long as there was a clear message to the user that we were not "open for business", we could avoid customer confusion and disappointment, while allowing them to browse and become comfortable with our offering ahead of time.

We also had the added benefit of capturing email addresses before our launch as well as watching our page rank and organic listings climb to the first page of Google due to a solid SEO strategy and diligent monitoring and tweaking.

Recently we launched our site. Right now we are absolutely driving paid traffic, but a greater percent of our visitors are first timers coming in through very specific search terms due to the long SEO tail we have optimized for.

The bottom line is that while no one is popping any cris' yet, there is a very promising future ahead with immense room for growth based on a solid foundation.

Exciting, exciting times.

Anthony Bucci

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Next Step.... The New Blog

It was inevitable. In an effort (lead by my partners) to un-SEO my name I have moved my old comedic blog to a different URL and swapped it with this all growns'd up one - which I hope will soon be populated some actual content.

My apologies to the many folks who have been reading my comedic exploits over the years and now have to visit a new URL:


The title is an homage to my favorite T-Shirt that I ever owned and the one wore the most during my ever prolific single years.... which was a not-so-subtle shot at the jersey girls that I dated in college... which was masochistic in its own right... but hilarious now.

Anthony Bucci